​                                                               United Front Games

Concept Artist / Level Designer (contract)              May 2009 – December 2009 
I worked with the level design team to concept the 33 tracks included on the PS3 disk. Also designed many of the game elements the player can choose from when creating their own tracks:​
·          Mod Nation Racers – PS3

​                                                               Jet Black Games

Art Director                                                              January 2007 – June 2008 
As well as Art Director, I was senior concept artist, level designer, 3D environment modeler and senior texture artist:​
·          Purr Pals - DS
           Baby Pals - DS
           Neighbourhood Games – Wii     (released Jan. 2009)
           Dances With The Stars – DS      (released Nov. 2008)

​                                                               Electronic Arts Canada (EASports)

Senior Artist                                    November 1999 – September 2006 
I worked as a senior concept artist, level designer, lead environment modeler and senior texture artist:​
·          Skate - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, XBox,XBox 360

​           Need For Speed, Carbon - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, XBox,XBox 360, Wii, NGC, PC
           Need For Speed, Most Wanted - Playstation 2, XBox,XBox 360, NGC, PC
           Need For Speed, Underground 2 - Playstation 2, XBox, NGC, PC
           James Bond, Everything or Nothing - Playstation 2, XBox, NGC, PC
           James Bond, Nightfire - Playstation 2, XBox, NGC, PC
           James Bond, Agent Under Fire - Playstation 2, XBox, NGC, PC
           Need For Speed, Porsche Unleashed - PC, Playstation
           Need For Speed, High Stakes – (textures only) - Playstation

                                                              DigiAndria Media (Thailand)

Art Director                                                August 2012 - August 2013 
Art Director on multiple interactive children's books for the IOS and Android platforms.​
·          Stone-carver  - IOS
           Dragon Dreams  - IOS/ Android
           Things To Do Before Your 9  - IOS/ Android

​                                                               Disney Interactive Studios

Graphic designer / Animator                      May 1996 – February 1999 
Graphic designer, concept artist, animator with Macromedia Director and digital cel painter:​​
·          Hunchback of Notre Dam - Animated Storybook
           Hercules  - Animated Storybook  
           Mickey's Print Studio
           Walt Disney World Explorer
           Little Mermaid Print Studio
           Ready to Read with Pooh
           Ready for Math with Pooh
           Hades Challenge
           Timon & Pumba's Adventure in Typing

 Buzzard Graphics


Freelance  illustrator / cartoonist / muralist               1986 – present 
Illustrations for 5 published books:
              Wild Science (Raincoast Books),                                                                     
              The World of Marine Mammals (Orca Book Publishers),                           

              The Boppers – book 1 & 2 (Pappa Gepetto’s Publishers),                      

              Republic of Canada (Ken Wallace),                                                                
and many pamphlets and brochures for government agencies.
Many years designing t-shirts sold in Canada, US and Australia.

Muralist – with many of my designs in business and homes across Canada.
Freelance art, design, painting, cartooning, logos, illustration in a wide variety of fields.


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3D Max




After Effects


                                                    Adorama Pix Photography (NY)


Graphic Designer  (contract)                         January 2010 – July 2017   
This is an ongoing part time contract where I produce photographic and graphic designs of backgrounds, frames, stickers, overlays, borders, masks and labels for the Photobook division of Adorama Pix Photography company in New York. Creating the assets in Photoshop and Illustrator.



                                                    Finger Food Studios


Production artist                        February 2017 – January 2018  
Production artist on the casino slots team. Converting popular casino slots games for Unity, Apple and Facebook apps. Working with Photoshop, After Effects and Unity; creating graphics and animations.


​                                                                          Microsoft Games Studios

Concept Artist / Production  (contract)                   January 2010 – June 2010 
Worked on a Facebook game as a concept artist as well as painted the treasures you search for. Also worked on the concepts for two other games never released:
·          Relic Rescue – Facebook  (released May, 2010)

                                                               InLight Entertainment 

3D Environment Modeler/ Concept artist (contract)               June 2013 - August 2013
Concepted and modeled all the track levels in Turbo Concepted and painted all the track levels in Turbo. Created new monsters in Flash vector for Monster U.
           Pixar - Cars 2 - LeapPad2 tablet.
           Dream Works Interactive - Turbo  - LeapPad2 tablet.
           Pixar - Monster U  - LeapPad2 tablet.

​                                                                          Rabbit Hole Interactive

Lead Artist                                                 March 2011 – November 2011 
Art lead on Hunting and Fishing games for the Nintendo Wii.
Put together and managed an art team of 12 to produce two Wii titles with only a three month production schedule.​
·          Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt  - Wii (released Oct, 2011)
           Bass Pro Shops: The Strike  - Wii (released Oct, 2011)

​                                                                          Sanctuary Woods Multimedia


Graphic Artist / Animator                                October 1993 - May 1996 
Graphic designer, concept artist, animator with Macromedia Director and digital cel painter:​​
·          Dennis Miller - That's News to Me
           Dennis Miller - That's Geek to Me
           Ripley's Believe it or Not - Riddle of Master Lu
           Orion Burger
           Shelly Duvall's - Digby's Adventures
           Once Upon a Forest

                                                              InLight Entertainment 

3D Environment Modeler/ Digital Painter (contract)                   July - August 2014
Concepted, modeled and textured gameplay levels​:
·        Disney Interactive - Jake and the Never Land Pirates  - LeapPad2 tablet.
·         Disney Interactive - Sophia  - LeapPad2 tablet.
·         Disney Interactive - Paw Patrol  - LeapPad2 tablet.

Contact Information

Garth Buzzard

3446 Liverpool St

Port Coquitlam, BC


V3B 3W1